March 25, 2010

Uncle Will, Aunt Amy, and Hayden come to visit

Mark's sister and her family came to visit this past weekend. They had not met Noah yet, so it so so nice to have them down for the weekend.

We decided to get a membership to the zoo this year and it has already paid off! We took Amy, Will, and Hayden and we all had a good time.

Us in front of the giraffes.

There are these birds there that just fly around and land on everyone. Taylor was really enjoying when the birds came down on Mark's head. Must be all that hair gel he uses :)

Noah smiles ALL the time. He is such a great baby. He never cries and will smile at anything. Just thought I would brag on him for a bit :)

I started to put Taylor's hair in pig tails. She looks so cute!!

1 comment:

Karyn said...

Love the pigtails!
I just renewed our Zoo membership, so I look forward to lots of Zoo time with you!!