April 12, 2009

Easter eggs, the Easter bunny, and a Ukulele

Taylor loves to crawl over Sophie. Sophie is like her own personal jungle gym. She just sits there and takes it. Good dog!

What up dog?

She is going to be a rock star by the time she is 2! She is already playing the ukulele like a pro.

This was her first time sitting in grass. At first she was not too sure about it, but after a while she started to get curious.

I (Lindsey) love tulips! I wanted to get her picture with some, so we found some near our neighborhood. I think the pictures turned out pretty good.

We went to Nolensville for the Buttercup Festival. There was a petting zoo where we could hold rabbits. I tried to get the rabbit to sit in Tay's lap, but this was the closest it got.

I love Easter egg hunts!!!

We went to the Franklin Easter egg hunt with our neighbors and their little boy. It only lasted about 30 seconds, but Tay had fun. I would put the eggs in her basket and she would take them out. Maybe next year she will get the concept down a little better :)

Where are all of my eggs?

Our official picture with the Easter bunny.

Taylor got to go on 2 Easter egg hunts this year. Our neighbor's little boy just turned 1 and we had an Easter egg hunt for his birthday. Mark and I would lower Taylor to the ground so she could pick up eggs. She actually got alot of eggs this way. The only bad part is now we have all this Easter candy that Taylor can't eat. I wonder what is going to happen to it?

Here are the bunny ears. I guess it goes unsaid that Taylor was not a big fan.

And what kind of Easter would it be if we did not also put the bunny ears on our dog?

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