February 16, 2009

Some new pictures....finally

So, I have been a slacker and I apologize. I just forgot to take pictures for a while, but I have several new ones today :)

Taylor is such a happy baby. Always smiling, well most of the time...

We will have to work on this. Sticking out her tongue is not very nice!

Much better!

Again, her and Sophie are best friends!! It is so funny. Sophie will always come and lay beside her on the ground and Taylor gets so excited.

Ahhhh, holding hands. So sweet.

These start Taylor's Valentine pictures. Her Grandmom and Granddad Blair got her a cute sleeper for Valentines and her Grandma and Grandpa Elliott got her a "My First Valentine's Day" bib.

I love Valentine's Day!!!

She cannot pull herself up yet, but if we stand her up with something to hold on to, she will stand there for a while .
Look at that cute booty.
Mark got a new flash for his camera, so he was testing it out on Taylor. I think it turned out pretty good.

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